Yes, a Lot of People Are Getting Sick Right Now

WEBAccording to the CDC’s Nowcast tracker, a new COVID variant, JN.1, has been rapidly gaining ground in the U.S. It was estimated to make up more than 21 …

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How to Navigate Health Insurance Claims and Beat the System

WEBHealth insurance claims are a catastrophe. Here are four people who managed to navigate denials and find ways to go around the system.

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7 Best Telemedicine and Online Prescription Services

WEBLeave a Comment. The best online prescription and telemedicine services to see a doctor virtually includes Lemonaid, Cerebral, Cove, Hims, Hers, Wisp, and Curology. You can …

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4 Explanations for the Teen Mental-Health Crisis

WEBNone of this means that academic pressure is irrelevant to the teen mental-health crisis. Twenge builds her rebuttal off a single data set. Furthermore, just because …

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21 Best Over-the-Counter Supplements For PCOS The Strategist

WEBBest OTC options for cosmetic PCOS symptoms. Public Goods Rosemary Essential Oil. $10. Male-pattern baldness is one of the side effects of PCOS. Klauck …

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26 Best Face Masks According to Doctors and Nurses The Strategist

WEBDoctors, nurses, and other health-care professionals tell us the fabric face masks they buy from brands like Buck Mason, Vistaprint, Casetify, Fruit of the Loom

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15 Years Later, How Has 9/11 Affected New Yorkers’ Health

WEBFifteen years after 9/11, here’s some of what we know about how the destruction of the Twin Towers has affected New Yorkers’ health: A worker wipes dust …

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The 10 Very Best Body Oils The Strategist

WEBAvène Body Skin Care Oil. $29. $32 now 10% off. Ingredients: Shea oil, camelina oil, safflower oil, squalane, thermal spring water | Scent: Fragrance free | Price: …

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Do Sleep Trackers Really Work

WEBDevices like smartwatches and fitness trackers claim to track your sleep stages and paint a picture of your overall sleep health. But according to the sleep …

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The Best Ergonomic Keyboards and Mouses to Prevent Wrist Pain

WEBBest ergonomic mouses. Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse with Scroll Ring (K72337US) $37. “Mice that allow for the natural internal rotation of the hand are best,” …

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Examining Six Medical-Ethics Dilemmas

WEBDan Sulmasy, M.D., Ph.D. Chair of the ethics department at St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan and a Franciscan friar. Case No. 1: A doctor has a disease that …

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9 Best Tech Gadgets to Actually Help You Sleep Better: 2021 The

WEBBiofeedback Devices. Muse 2: The Brain Sensing Headband. $250. Biofeedback is “a way of converting physiological signals into something you can train,” …

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Kate Middleton & King Charles: Latest News & Health Updates

WEBKing Charles III was diagnosed in early February, just 17 months into his reign. The 75-year-old monarch’s daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton , underwent a …

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How Reagan’s Mental-Health Concerns Were Handled

WEBAfter a long period on the fringes of the national conversation, the matter of President Trump’s mental health has taken center stage since the publication of Michael …

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New York Magazine: July 15, 2024 Issue

WEBJames Blake and Lil Yachty’s Bad Cameo is bursting with ideas — occasionally to a fault. The complete table of contents for the July 15, 2024 issues of …

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New York Metro: Best Vets

WEB236 East 75th Street (212-734-7480) Monday-Wednesday only. In practice for more than 35 years, Richard Greene trained most of the other surgeons on New York's list during his …

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The Prep-School Past of The Base Founder Rinaldo Nazzaro

WEBThe Base’s operations would eventually stretch far beyond Nazzaro. This past November, 18-year-old Richard Tobin, an alleged member of the Base in South …

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6 Best Under-Desk Ellipticals The Strategist

WEBBest overall under-desk elliptical. Stamina InMotion E1000 Compact Strider. From $115. Size: 24.5 x 17 x 12 inches | Weight: 24 pounds | Resistance: Magnetic with …

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Death Age Gap: Can the Rich Buy a Longer Life Expectancy

WEBThe lifestyles of the ultrarich can be deadly. Private planes are 32 times more likely to crash than commercial airliners, and crash they do, killing 23 people on U.S. …

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Why Is Infrastructure So Expensive to Build in New York

WEBParis (left), $168 million per station. Adding nine miles and seven stations to Line 14 will cost the city $4.4 billion in total — a lot for a city that usually spends between …

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How Pat LaFrieda Has Reinvented the Burger

WEBA tall, square-jawed 38-year-old who could pass for an Army commander—he spent eight years in the reserves—Pat runs Pat LaFrieda Wholesale Meat Purveyors, a meat …

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The 13 Best Honeys, Reviewed by Experts The Strategist

WEBrecommended by experts. kitchen. food and drinks. Leave a Comment. Beekeepers, food writers, and chefs give us their top recommendations for the best …

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What’s the Deal With the Spike Lee Crypto Ad

WEBCoin Cloud, the little-known crypto ATM company suddenly being pitched by filmmaker Spike Lee, doesn’t operate in New York — where the ad was shot.

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