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WEBThe latest science-based health news on fitness, nutrition, medications, medical breakthroughs and more. Plus, tips on how to live your healthiest life at 50 and beyond.

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Health and Wellness: AARP Member Benefits and Discounts

WEBAARP membership unlocks Health benefits for living your best life. Get vision, dental, and hearing discounts, plus explore HSA and insurance plans.

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Top Guidance on Exercise, Fitness and Wellness

WEBAARP’s Wellness channel provides news and information on fitness, nutrition and healthy living.

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Breaking News on Health Insurance, Medicare and the …

WEBFind information about health care, health insurance, long-term care insurance, disability coverage, vision and dental insurance.

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Volunteering around North Bergen, NJ

WEBCommunity Volunteer Opportunities Create the Good ® Neighbors Feeding Neighbors - NJ Ongoing | Lasagna Love . Lasagna Love strives to feed families in need by matching …

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COVID Update: What You Need to Know Now

WEBAdults 65-plus should get a spring COVID-19 vaccine (Feb. 29). The CDC is recommending that adults 65 and older roll up their sleeves this spring for another …

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Local events near me in the New Jersey area

WEBExplore current and upcoming local events, seasonal events, festivals, and online activities in the New Jersey area on AARP Local.

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Your 50 Top Health Questions Answered

WEBRight now would be a good start. Longevity researchers study a phenomenon known as future time perspective. The more time we perceive we have, …

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AARP Virginia Fraud Alert: Homebuyers and Owners Beware

WEBThis story is provided by AARP Virginia. Visit the AARP Virginia page for more news, events, and programs affecting retirement, health care, and more.

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Health Tools and Calculators to Help You Stay Healthy

WEBAARP's suite of web-based health tools will help you stay healthy and plan ahead. The tools in the suite will help you calculate your BMI, decode confusing Medicare summary …

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Brain Health Resource Center

WEBTips, tools and explainers on brain health from AARP

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Heart Health: News, Tips and Healthy Habits

WEBGet all the latest information on protecting your heart with practical tips on exercise, diet, and other lifestyle habits to keep your heart healthy.

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Health And Healthcare Research

WEBSee below for reports focused on specific Health & Health Care topics, or browse recently released reports across all Health & Health Care topics. Enter a keyword below to find …

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What Does a High BMI Actually Say About Your Health

WEBThat was the case for Andrew Lavin, 61, owner of a strategic communications firm in Port Washington, N.Y. He called his doctor as soon as he learned that his body …

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7 Bad Habits for Your Health and How to Break Them

WEBHow to stop: Watch for hidden sugars: Check the grams of added sugar on nutrition labels and track how much sugar you eat in a day, Naidoo says.Women should …

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What to Expect in Your 60s

WEBThe Not-So-Good News: Aging and inactivity can lead to achy joints because of the wearing down of cartilage, loss of lubricating joint fluid and weaker muscles. Some …

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The Best Exercise You Can Do for Your Health

WEBSquats are the antidote to soft couch-cushion syndrome — those challenging moments when we struggle to get up from that deep, old sofa. They can …

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Should You Get Another COVID Shot for the Summer

WEBThe COVID-19 vaccine currently available in pharmacies and clinics targets a coronavirus variant that is no longer circulating widely. Nevertheless, the vaccine “still …

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60 Post-Pandemic Health Habits To Help Get Back On Track

WEB13. Try doing 10 minutes of resistance training every morning. That adds up to a truly healthy week of muscle strengthening. In research published in 2017 in the …

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Health Warning Signs of Serious Problems

WEBSome health warning signs are not as obvious others and can often be ignored. Here are warning signs that are cause for concern of serious problems.

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Does Medicare Cover COVID Tests, Vaccines and Treatment

WEB“Thanks to the passage of the CARES Act, in 2020, individuals can also buy a wide variety of over-the-counter medications to help treat the symptoms of COVID, …

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What Your Poop Can Tell You About Your Health

WEBWhat is Poop? It may be hard to picture, but poop is the remaining part of the food that you ate — the bits that your body didn’t want. After the small intestine …

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Who Actually Needs to Take Multivitamins

WEBThe vitamin and supplement industries are enormous. I don’t want them to get annoyed with me, but the reality is that if you eat a well-balanced diet with fruits, …

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Why Do We Forget Names

WEBIn many cases, however, our brain keeps plugging away on the problem, long after we’ve forgotten about our memory lapse. That’s why people may recall a forgotten …

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14 Supermarket Chains With Senior Discounts

WEBKeep in mind that some big grocery chains, including Safeway and Giant, don’t have a corporate-wide senior day on the books, but individual stores may extend a …

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Aging Well in America: AARP’s Vision for a National Plan on Aging

WEBThis paper provides a comprehensive blueprint for the development of a robust national aging plan to foster the well-being, quality of life, and dignity of older …

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