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Is Sourdough Bread Healthy for You

Sourdough, then, falls somewhere in between. Near the low side, but not low enough to be considered “low.” So, if blood sugar control is the goal, sourdough may be a moderately …

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Best Health Advice of 2023

Health Essentials’ Best Tips for Health and Wellness From 2023. Start the new year with the best health tips on nutrition, mental health, sleep and more. Health advice can …

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Potassium: Benefits & Side Effects

Potassium is an essential mineral that acts as an electrolyte. It helps your muscles contract, balances fluid in your body and helps offset sodium.

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11 Simple Health Habits Worth Adopting Into Your Life

10. Include greens and lettuce in your meals. Incorporate lettuce into your meals to add nutrients and water to your diet. The fiber in lettuce helps fill you up and it does so at just …

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When Health Anxiety Takes Over Your Life

Somatic Symptom Disorder: When Health Anxiety Takes Over Your Life. There’s a difference between true symptoms and obsessing over developing an illness. The digital age …

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Dry Fasting: Benefits and Risks

You may have heard of dry fasting, where you fast without consuming any liquids or water. But before you try it, a registered dietitian explains how it can be dangerous and cause …

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7 Health Benefits of Turmeric

Using turmeric comes with benefits like helping to improve memory, lessen pain and more. The yellow-colored spice does more than add flavor to your meals.

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What You Should Know About Your Gut Health

Your gut health refers to your entire digestive system and the health of the microorganisms responsible for metabolism, your immune system and more.

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Vitamin C: Benefits and How Much You Need

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that defends your body from cell damage and supports your health in a variety of other ways. A dietitian explains what vitamin C does for your body and why it

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Should You Lose 10 Pounds in a Month

It’s possible to lose 10 pounds in a month. But it’s likely not safe or sustainable. Choose long-term solutions over quick-and-easy diets.

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Why Women's Health Is So Important

6 Benefits of Breast Massage (and How To Get Started Today) Massaging your breast tissue can help reduce breastfeeding pain, treat lymphedema and find cancer early. Women's Health.

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The 5 Stages of Grief After a Loss

Grief is never easy, be it the loss of a loved one or a relationship or even a job or opportunity. But understanding grief and its stages might help you and those who support you …

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Women’s Health: What It Means

A urogynecologist explains why women’s health is for anyone of any gender in need of inclusive healthcare related to pelvic organs, mental health, reproductive health and …

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5 Reasons Honey Is Good for You

One tablespoon of honey has: 61 calories. 17 grams of carbs. No fat. Trace amounts of fiber and protein. “Honey is still liquid sugar, and like all other forms of sugar, it …

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Why Health Equity Matters

The U.S. Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) defines health equity as “the state in which everyone has a fair and just opportunity to attain their highest level of …

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Health Benefits of Ginger

Improves blood sugar regulation. Gingerol could also explain ginger’s role in keeping blood sugar levels steady. This is key to controlling the long-term health effects of …

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10 Health Trends to Watch for in 2023

In anticipation of 2023, we asked healthcare providers which health and wellness practices they think deserve to trend in the new year. From diet and exercise to skin care and …

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How To Get Rid of Sleep Inertia

Here’s how the acronym breaks down: Resist the urge to hit the snooze button. Oversleeping isn’t the answer. If you wake up, fall back asleep and wake up again, your sleep …

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5 Reasons Broccoli Is Good for You

Boost immunity. As a superfood status, broccoli can improve your health with these five components: 1. Compounds to reduce cancer risk. “Broccoli offers some powerful …

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What Is Earthing and Is It Beneficial

Even good research on the benefits of earthing is too preliminary to base conclusions on. Nevertheless, proponents claim that integrating earthing into your life can: …

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